About Us

The Green Light Center for Training and Management Consultancy was established in 2008, as an independent body and legal entity, with its main goal that focuses on providing technical & management training, consultancy services and strategic solutions. Our representatives and partners are in various countries around the world, where we capitalize on our partnership with reputable and well-known international universities for providing the required accredited qualifications, programs and services to our stakeholders at the national ,regional and international levels.

The institute is accredited by the Abu Dhabi Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ACTVET and holds ISO –9001-2015 in Quality Management, ISO 18001 in Occupational Health and Safety Application and ISO 45001

Our mission is to make a footprint in the field of human resource development, information technology and artificial intelligence, and to cooperate with individuals, institutions, companies and governments etc. for providing unique services that combine labor market needs, and the new trends in artificial intelligence, training, development and consultancy fields.

The institute provides training programs for those who are on the job for qualifying new employees and developing those who aspire to improve their career levels. Our institution is committed to transfer cognition and experience to others, by deploying our intellectual capabilities and hands on experts to make sure that our consultancy and training services are practical, implementable and suitable for the current and future market needs

Our institution has a wide range of international partnerships, Arabian and international agreements, in addition to the accreditation by top academic institutions such as University of Missouri, Lyndon University, the American University of Grindal and the University of Jadara in Jordan and etc

The institute seeks to achieve the main goal of its establishment stipulated in its by law, in a way that serves comprehensive development issues in the United Arab Emirates, by achieving the following detailed objectives:

Enhance the efficiency of the State employees and prepare them scientifically and practically to assume their responsibilities and exercise their power in a manner that ensures the advancement of the administration level and supports the rules of development

Supporting administrative reform and development efforts and sustaining them with innovation and state of the art technology with a specific focus on the virtual reality and hologram.

Providing consultations in the administrative, technical and artificial intelligence fields During our training operations over the last 12 years, the center considerably trained more than 100,000 trainees from all sectors of ministries, departments and organizations from inside and outside UAE.

We are committed to transfer expertise to others through our highly educated ,experienced and competent experts in the field of work, to make sure that our consultancy services and practical training are suitable for the current and future market needs, especially in the field of institutional artificial intelligence, innovation and creativity through our dynamic team who received many awards and appreciations in this field